About Us


i-tec Technologies, established 1995 in Czech Republic, design and produce a wide range of products and solutions for mobile technology users, enabling the connection of external peripherals and accessories to notebooks, PCs and smartphones.

We work hard to make connectivity easy, allowing different and often incompatible devices to get connected. Our products connect processing power to external displays, data storage, backups and cameras, in addition to cloud-enabled storage and data-sharing platforms.




The DESKTOP 4.0. philosophy demands maximum versatility; the ability to connect all devices, regardless of technology or brand, while keeping total cost of ownership low.

In conjunction with this, we have developed solutions such as hybrid docking stations that can be connected to virtually any notebook, universal VESA monitor holders to minimise footprint and maximize available desk space, and our proprietary software i-tec Docker Pro, which securely connects users to corporate networks while ensuring secure backup of user data.



As a market leader, we offer a wide range of best-in-class docking stations, graphic adapters, hubs, chargers and storage devices, helping to make your life easier while improving productivity. Cross-brand and cross-platform compatibility is at the core of what we do, and we back it up with market-leading design, quality and service. Whether you are a consumer, SMB or large enterprise, i-tec has a solution for you.