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i-tec Metal Cooling Pad for notebooks (up-to 15.6”)

EU: 8595611705496
  • Stylish metal stand for laptops up to 15.6"
  • The stand is compatible with the C31PHDMIDOCKPD docking station (Note: if you purchased a kit with product code C31METALDOCKPADPD, the docking station is already included in this kit).
  • The stand has been designed to maximize the efficiency of passive cooling of your laptop.
  • The stand can accommodate laptops weighing up to 3 kg.
  • Non-slip pads ensure firm and comfortable handling of the laptop
  • Tilting support allows comfortable adjustment of the laptop's working height
  • Metal alloy is wear and scratch resistant
  • The stand can be easily carried after folding the support
Product specifications


  • The stand is designed for laptops up to 15.6″ in size
  • Scratch and wear resistant metal alloy
  • Tiltable support allows for convenient adjustment of laptop working height
  • Easy to transport when folded
  • Stand is designed for maximum laptop cooling efficiency
  • Maximum load: 3 kg
  • Stand body is equipped with non-slip pads
  • The stand is compatible with i-tec USB-C Metal Pad Docking Station 4K HDMI LAN + Power Delivery 100W (C31PHDMIDOCKPD)
  • Product dimensions: 270 x 240 x 40 mm
  • Product weight: 539 g
  • Package dimensions: 286 x 320 x 32 mm


Hardware Requirements:

  • Laptop up to 3kg
  • Laptop in a maximum 15.6″ diplex size


Package contents

  • Product
  • Manual



The stylish metal stand will make your work easier and more comfortable thanks to the adjustable working height of the laptop. The stand is designed for laptops up to 3 kg and display sizes up to 15.6″. If you also get the C31PHDMIDOCKPD docking station with the stand, you get a versatile, efficient and ergonomic assistant for your desk (Please note: if you purchased the set with product code C31METALDOCKPADPD, the docking station is already included in this set)

The stand has been designed for ease of use – easy to adjust the angle of the support, but which also allows the stand to be easily transported when folded, so it’s no problem to use it both in the office and at home, for example. And because the stand is made of wear- and scratch-resistant metal alloy, it will still look like new even after frequent transport.

The non-slip pads ensure a firm position for your laptop, which will sit firmly and vibration-free on the stand while you work. A great advantage is also the much more efficient passive cooling of the laptop, which can significantly increase its service life.



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