i-tec USB-C Smart Docking Station Triple Display + Power Delivery 65W

EU: 8595611705182
US: 8595611705960
Thunderbolt 3/4USB-CUSB4
  • Compatible with USB-C, Thunderbolt and USB4 laptops & tablets. (The host device must support DisplayPort Alt mode).
  • The first docking station to support full remote management, regardless of the make, type, or model of the connected notebook
  • Optional docking station management with integrated IoT module (license required)
  • Remote access to individual docking station resources (video ports, USB ports, LAN, audio) and remote on/off capabilities increase availability, significantly save time, and enhance IT security
  • Optional remote installation of firmware updates
  • Docking station can operate in Plug & Play user mode (without any license); remote management can be enabled at any time (software installation required)
  • 2x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI supporting single 4K/60Hz display, dual QHD (2560×1440/60Hz) or triple FHD/60Hz (depending on host performance). macOS supports a single extended display only
  • 4x USB-ports (1x USB-C 3.2 Gen. 2, 3x USB-A 3.2 Gen. 2, one of which supports fast charging) make it easy to connect multiple USB devices and peripherals.
  • Provides up to 65W Power Delivery for compatible USB-C, Thunderbolt and USB4 laptops & tablets. The host device must support USB-C Power Delivery.
  • GLAN Ethernet supports network speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds, providing a robust and high-speed internet connection.
  • Combo 3.5 mm audio input/output jack for easy connection to headset or speakers.
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  • 1x USB-C port for connection to compatible devices
  • More information about remote management integration software
  • Docking station technology: USB-C (MST)
  • Power Delivery: 65 W
  • Video Ports:
    • 2x Display Port (DP++ support)
    • 1x HDMI
  • Resolution:
  • Host device with DisplayPort 1.2 support:
    • 1 monitor – 1x HDMI or DP → up to 4K/30Hz
    • 1 monitor – 1x HDMI or DP → up to 1080p/120Hz
    • 2 monitors – 1x DP + 1x HDMI → up to 2x 1080p/60Hz*
    • 3 monitors – 1x HDMI + 1x DP + 1x DP → up to 1x 1080p/60Hz + up to 2x 720p/60Hz*
  • Host device with DisplayPort 1.4 support:
    • 1 monitor – 1x HDMI or DP → up to 4K/60Hz
    • 1 monitor – 1x HDMI or DP → up to 1440p/144Hz or 1080p/240Hz
    • 2 monitors – 1x DP + 1x HDMI → up to 2x 1440p/60Hz*
    • 2 monitors – 1x DP + 1x HDMI → up to 2x 4K/30Hz*
    • 3 monitors – 1x HDMI + 1x DP + 1x DP → up to 3x 1080p/60Hz*
  • 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (data only)
  • 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2
  • 1x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 with fast charging support (BC 1.2)
  • 1x Ethernet GLAN RJ-45 port (Realtek RTL8153)
  • 1x 3.5mm Combo Audio port
  • 1x power input (20V/6.75A)
  • MAC Address cloning: Yes (using i-tec Docker Pro software)
  • WOL: S1, S2, S3
  • ON/OFF switch to turn the docking station on and off
  • LED indication
  • Support for Kensington lock
  • USB-C 3.1 cable (100 cm)
  • OS: Windows 10/11, macOS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux with latest updates
  • Product dimensions: 185 x 79 x 28 mm
  • Product weight: 265 g
  • Package dimensions: 265 x 244 x 48 mm



Hardware Requirements:

  • Device with a free USB-C, USB4 or Thunderbolt™ 3/4 port

Power Delivery Requirements:

  • Device with a free USB-C, USB4 or Thunderbolt™ 3/4 port with Power Delivery support

Video Output Requirements:

  • Device with a free USB-C or USB4 port with DisplayPort Alternate Mode support or a Thunderbolt™ 3/4 port

Operating System:

  • Windows 10 / 11, macOS*, iPadOS**, Android**, Chrome OS and Linux with latest updates


* macOS does not support Multi Stream Transport (MST) technology. Connecting two monitors to the station on macOS will result in both monitors showing the same image.
** iPadOS, Android do not support multi-screen video transfer technology, nor the extended screen option. This means that when connected to an external monitor, only the mirrored screen will be displayed. (Not valid for androids with DEX and Easy Projection extension)






Package contents

  • Product
  • Power adapter (DC cable 160 cm, power cord 170 cm)
  • USB-C connection cable (100 cm)
  • Manual



The first docking station with full remote management capability. The docking station is equipped with an IoT (Wifi and Bluethooth Mesh) module that can be connected to a corporate network and remotely control the docking station, including installing software updates, remote power on and off, controlling individual ports and monitoring status.

The docking station can be used by the user (like any other docking station) right out of the box, without any installation. Remote management integration can be done at any time, even later (remote management software license and installation is required).

The remote management docking station solution offers the possibility of significant time savings in management, as well as energy savings (for example, the docking station can be remotely switched off when not in use). Overall, this can reduce operating costs, which can be lower in an enterprise environment than operating and managing conventional docking stations.

The USB-C docking station itself supports the connection of up to three external monitors, 4 USB devices (all USB ports can transfer data at speeds of up to 10 Gbps), Internet connectivity is available thanks to the integrated LAN port, and last but not least, a combined audio and microphone port is available.

The docking station can charge a connected laptop or tablet up to 65W and supports installation behind a monitor (thanks to the separately supplied VESA mount).


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