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i-tec Remote management Software for docking station C31SMARTDOCKPD

US: 8595611705953
  • Compatible only with the docking station C31SMARTDOCKPD.
  • The software enables advanced remote management of docking stations, regardless of the make, type, and model of the notebook to which they are connected
  • A complete overview of the docking stations that are connected to the corporate network
  • Ability to remotely control the docking station (power on/off, restart, control individual sources such as video ports, USB ports, audio, LAN)
  • Schematic view of the docking stations in the office map, including information on which docking stations are used and which are not
  • Remote firmware update, including the possibility of an automated process, e.g., on weekends (the update also allows rollback if necessary or required)
  • Schematic representation of the docking stations in the office map, including information on which docking stations are used and which are not
  • Management software requires initial installation on a physical or virtual corporate server.
  • The number of licenses required for installation is equal to the number of docking stations that will be remotely managed
Detailed description


  • The remote management system is only compatible with the C31SMARTDOCKPD docking station
  • Software requires on-site installation (see below for technical requirements)
  • Installation is performed by i-tec’s network of authorized partners (please contact us if interested)
  • The remote management tool has the following main functions:
    • DASHBOARD (dashboard)
    • DOCK STATION INFORMATION (remote management of individual docking stations)
    • FIRMWARE UPGRADE (ability to update docking stations)
    • FLOOR MAP (overview of installed docking stations in each office)
    • SETUP (basic system settings for remote management)
  • To use the software, you must have purchased the required number of licenses (equal to the number of docking stations)
  • The software is available in English
  • This software is not a docking station driver (the docking station can be used in Plug & Play mode)



Hardware requirements:

  • A physical or virtual server with minimum specifications is required to install this Remote Management Software Tool:
    • CPU: at least a 2-core 2GHz CPU.
    • RAM: at least 4GB
    • HDD/SSD: 200 GB
    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version
    • the server must be connected to the internet during installation



Package contents

  • License
  • Installation Instructions



This software tool allows full management of docking stations with product code C31SMARTDOCKPD.

The main features of the software tool include:


An overview dashboard, showing in particular:

  • basic data about the docking stations (number of stations in use and their utilization rate)
  • real-time monitoring
  • historical statistics on docking station usage (and resources)


Detailed information about each docking station, including the possibility to control them. This tool displays all docking stations (filterable by company, department, office location, etc.) and allows the administrator to:

  • Turn the docking station on and off remotely (in case of remote shutdown, the user is not able to turn it on by himself)
  • Overview of the docking station status (OK; Partial Error; Error), with the possibility of remote reboot
  • Switching on and off of the individual components of the docking station (USB ports, video ports, LAN, audio); if they are switched off, they cannot be used by the user
  • Overview of the docking stations’ connection to the corporate network (WiFi and Bluetooth Mesh)


With this tool, the administrator has a perfect overview of the current status of the docking stations in terms of firmware updates. If necessary, the firmware can also be upgraded, for one or more docking stations at a time. The tool allows:

  • Schedule the update as needed (selecting the docking stations, selecting the desired firmware, selecting the day and time when the update should be performed)
  • If necessary, rollback (installing older firmware)

A tool that clearly displays the docking stations in each office, including a graphical display of which docking stations are in use and which are not.
It can be used, for example, as a separate display module in Open Office offices, by which users of these offices can easily find a free desk (or a desk with a docking station that is not connected to a computer)


In this tool, the administrator can set basic application and environment parameters:

  • Add/Remove Department
  • Add/Remove Office
  • Upload firmware
  • Set access for individual users
  • Set up notification functionality (who, how and when to send email notifications)

INFORMATION: To use the software, you must have a number of licenses equal to the number of docking stations that will be remotely managed (licenses can be purchased on an ongoing basis)


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