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First of all, thank you for purchasing our product! In the event that it does not work as it should, we are ready to do everything we can to arrange a remedy as quickly as possible.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Is your product not working as it should according to its specifications and features?

  1. It may just be an incorrect setting; in that case, please refer to the manual for instructions on setting up your computer
  2. The latest information may also be in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) section of the product’s website, please read to see if the answer is there
  3. If the information leading to a solution to your problem is not in either the manual or the FAQ, please contact us using one of the methods below:

1) Email us using the form below. We will respond within a few hours (including weekends), but no later than the next business day.

Company i-tec Technologies s.r.o. collects personal data provided in this form for the purposes of meeting your demands. The personal data is stored for a period of 6 months since its reception. You can learn more about our privacy policy in our GDPR Statement. You can deregister from the database by sending an e-mail to

How do I find the PN of my i-tec product?
In most cases, you will find the PN of your product on the bottom of the product.

tooltip-PNnumber.png (209 353 bytes)

How do I find out the type and model of my computer?
In most cases, you will find the exact model of your laptop on its bottom side.

tooltip-NtbBrand.png (209 353 bytes)

How do I find out the type and model of my computer?
In most cases, you will find the exact model of your laptop on its bottom side.

tooltip-NtbBrand.png (209 353 bytes)

Windows Windows - after launching the system, a Windows logo (the colour combination differs based on system version) or Windows logo + the word "Start" appear in the bottom left corner.
macOS macOS - after launching the system, a logo of a "bitten apple" appears in the top left corner.
Linux - this system has many variations. It is most easily recognised by one of these logos:
Android Android - smartphones and tablets from a manufacturer other than Apple.
iPadOS iPadOS - installed on an Apple tablet.
? Tady bude obsah...
? Tady bude obsah...
How do I tell which operating system version I'm using?
Windows: Simultaneously press Win key + R, type winver and press Enter. A new window with your Windows version will appear.
macOS: Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner and choose „About this Mac…“
Linux: Type the following command into the Terminal „lsb_release -a“
OS-versiom-Windows.png (12 801 bytes)
OS-versiom-macOS.png (12 977 bytes)
OS-versiom-Ubuntu.png (12 790 bytes)
Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible. The more information we have, the better and faster we will be able to assist you. For example, if you are having issues with Ethernet connection, let us know exactly what happens, when the issue has started, how often it occurs, how long you have had the product, if you have performed any troubleshooting steps etc.
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We will reply to you no later than the next working day.

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2) Call us at one of the following phone numbers (Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:30 CET):

+420 735 750 450 (Czech and English)
+420 737 245 833 (Czech, English and German)

+420 703 146 497 (Czech and English)
+420 603 821 479 (Czech and English)
+420 603 834 923 (Czech and English)