GDPR statement

GDPR – Scope of Processing Personal Data

The company i-tec Technologies s.r.o. aims to maximize the satisfaction of customers and partners.
Our goal is to adjust the provided services to the needs of the clients as much as possible and in the highest possible quality level. For this we already use your personal data, which we process in accordance with valid legislation and we pay special attention to it.
The protection of privacy during processing the personal data as well as general protection of data is an important issue in our business activities.

What Personal Data do we Process?

The scope of personal data – GDPR – we always process only the personal information you provide us.
We process personal information that usually includes only the name, surname, title and email address, then company and job position. If you provide us, personal information may also include other information, such as information about ICT preferences, data from submitted documents, address, telephone number, device identification.

For what Purposes do we Process Personal Data?

The agreement for processing your personal data you provide to us according to your chosen preferences. This is about your interest in receiving information from us about ICT innovations, product information, business offers, current price lists, fulfilment of legal and contractual obligations (claims), service and technical support, licensing, customer records for statistics, and in order to obtain relevant data about needs of subjects, sending invitations to conferences, workshops, seminars, events.

How long and how do we Process Personal Data?

We process your personal data both manually and in an automated way, only for the duration of your consent. With respect to our processing options the consent for the processing of your personal data is always granted until the last day of the calendar year of the end of the given period.
Within the services, the period for keeping the data is 5 years from the date of receipt of the claim or request for technical support, with DICOTA products it is 30 years.
In the case of a general request entered into the contact form, we keep the data for 6 months.
In other cases, the period of keeping the data is 10 years.

Who do we Give Access to the Personal Data?

Personal data may only be made available to employees of the company as a controller of the personal data if it is necessary to perform their duties, as well as to any person who processes the data and with whom the company has a contract about processing personal data. At present, it is only about recorded minimum scope and the period needed for service support of internal systems. In accordance with the article 28 (4) of the GDPR, all those processing personal data are obliged to have at least the same level of personal data protection as our company. An up-to-date list of the processors of personal data will be provided at your request at any time.
In the case of providing of personal data for applications or attendance lists of specific events, such as conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, events, etc., data may be provided to the co-organizers or representatives of the producers involved in the event as partners. In addition, when providing personal data in product information requests and test versions, data may be provided to the manufacturer in the mentioned extent.

What are Your Rights?

As a data subject, you have all the rights stated in the legislation about the protection of personal data, in particular the rights guaranteed by Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation. Rights include, for example, access to processed personal data, the right to their correction, deletion or restriction of the processing.

How can you Contact us with Questions or Requests?

Questions or requests can be accepted only if the person is clearly identified. Please send us your requests or questions to the following contacts: