Multi Stream Transport (MST)


MST is a technology that allows multiple external monitors (with different graphic contents) to be connected via a single USB-C connector. The maximum number of external monitors that can be connected varies according to the GPU (graphical chip), but the most widely-used Intel integrated GPU chip can handle 3 monitors. Either the internal monitor of the notebook + 2 external monitors with full HD resolution or a connection of up to 3 external monitors when the internal monitor is shut off (laptop cover closed).


The MST technology is an exciting yet affordable choice for users who use a laptop or tablet with a USB-C interface and want to have an output to at least 2 external monitors.


Good to know about MST technology:

  • The laptop/tablet USB-C port must support video transmission (so-called DisplayPort Alt Mode)
  • Apple does not support MST technology in the macOS operating system. If a docking station or a video adapter is plugged in, macOS displays the same content on all monitors.



Single Stream Transport – such devices can only manage a single graphics channel, i.e. if multiple monitors are connected, they will all display the same content