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i-tec USB-C DisplayPort Bi-Directional Cable Adapter 8K/30Hz 150cm

EU: 8595611706202
Thunderbolt 3/4USB-CUSB4
  • USB-C to DisplayPort Bi-Directional Cable Video Adapter
  • Adapter supports 1x DisplayPort resolution up to 8K/30 Hz
  • Can connect from and to all USB-C ports: USB-C, Thunderbolt 3/4, USB4
  • USB-C to DisplayPort and DisplayPort to USB-C video transfer capability
  • Adapter is compatible with all main operating systems
  • No installation required for connection (Plug & Play)
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  • 1x integrated USB-C cable for connecting to the host device (150cm)
  • Graphic adapter technology: USB-C
  • Video connector:
    • 1x DisplayPort and USB-C
  • Supported Resolutions:
    • 1 monitor – 1x DisplayPort → up to 8K/30 Hz
    • 1 monitor – 1x DisplayPort → up to QHD/144Hz
    • 1 monitor – 1x DisplayPort → up to QHD/240Hz
  • Compatible with G-Sync / Freesync, HDR 400 – 1000
  • OS: Windows 10 / 11, macOS, Android 5 or later, Chrome OS R51 or later, Linux Ubuntu
  • Product dimensions: 20 x 14 x 1500 mm
  • Product weight: 73 g
  • Package dimensions: 180 x 250 x 14 mm
  • Package weight: 93 g

Hardware Requirements:

  • Device with an available USB-C, USB4 or Thunderbolt™3/4 port

Video output requirements:

  • Device with an available USB-C port with “DisplayPort Alternate Mode” support or with Thunderbolt™3 port
  • To use refresh rates of 60 Hz and higher, a monitor that supports these refresh rates is required
  • In order to use HDR and G-Sync/Freesync, these technologies must be supported by the monitor and the graphics card

Operating System:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS X, Android, Chrome OS Google with the latest updates


Package contents

  • Product



Expand your desktop or docking station with an external monitor via the new USB-C, USB4 or Thunderbolt 3/4 connector. This cable adapter supports up to 8K video and stereo audio.

The cable adapter is suitable for use with all laptops equipped with a USB-C connector that supports video transfer (DisplayPort alt mode), as well as with a Thunderbolt 3/4 or USB4 connector.

This video cable adapter is bi-directional: it can convert and transfer video both from USB-C to DisplayPort and vice versa: from DisplayPort to USB-C.

It is very easy to use, just plug the cable adapter into the appropriate port – either USB-C or DisplayPort and connect the desired accessories, e.g. monitor, projector, etc.



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