Warranty Information


General Warranty Conditions:

i-tec Technologies s.r.o. declares – with validity from 1/11/2010 – Complaint Rules, valid for commercial relationships between i-tec Technologies s.r.o. and business partners and end users. We provide a warranty for all products supplied by us:

 Pretec Memory Cards – Lifetime warranty (not including mechanical damage)

Definition of lifetime warranty – the lifetime warranty is considered a moral obsolescence of the product itself. As far as retail of a memory card with the given capacity has been finished at the end reseller and at the same time at the exclusive importer (i-tec Technologies s.r.o.), then the memory card is out of the lifetime warranty and thus no complaint was admitted in this case.

Attention! In these cases, the warranty is at least 2 years.

Other Products – 2-year Warranty.

Please note that any warranty is considered void due to the following:

  • The product was damaged due to incorrect installation or handling.
  • The product was damaged due to a computer virus.
  • The product was damaged as it was used in conditions outside of those detailed in the specification.
  • The product was damaged due to force majeure.
  • The product was damaged as it was connected to a network that does not comply with the relevant EN standard.

Attention! i-tec Tec Technologies s.r.o. is not responsible for any personal data. We strongly recommend that all data is back-up on a server or external hard disk.

Warranty claims should be logged with the reseller from whom the product was purchased. Written correspondence should be addressed to: i-tec Technologies s.r.o., Teslova 2, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

If a warranty claim is logged with i-tec Technologies s.r.o. directly, a Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) number will be provided. Warranty claims will not be processed without a valid RMA number.

Product or its parts wearing caused by its usual usage (for example, a decrease of accumulators capacity, wear of ear-phones covers, mechanical parts, displays and so on) are not a subject of warranty and is not considered to be a discrepancy with a contract for purchasing according to the Civil Codex.